So, theoretically, couldn't you do this with repositioning?

Say I have a plane and it flies back and forth between A and B. It always starts at A in the morning, seven days a week, and it flies back and forth for the rest of the day.

Suppose you can get your maintenance ratio down to 110%, so that the plane is nice and utilized, but to do this it needs to end every day at B.

If you were dilligent enough, couldn't you log in and schedule a transfer flight at the end of every day to resposition the plane without affecting maintenance?

It seems like a lot of hassle, and I have no real desire to try anything like this, but I'm curious if it's possible.

Under the current system it is not possible to schedule a transfer flight. A transfer flight is not producing any costs but it is still a flight. So even if you do a transfer flight you can not say maintanance wise its ending in B .... do a transfer flight to A and do maintanance. There have been discussions about transfer flights in the Past in the forum so you may want to search for it. In general the Answer was the team is aware of it and has it on the to do List .... but with a low prioriy...... in other words.... it will not change very soon. What you can do ist depending how much you need to cancel one complete flighy A-B-A ... once or twice per week to get the ratio. On the other hand I have sometimes a ratio of 100.1% and on other flights 260%..... and still be profitable..... if I have a chance to fly somewhere short then i just schedule a short trip later ....

I'm not talking about scheduling a transfer flight, I'm talking about manually using the transfer feature, which takes time but seems to not stop maintenance or use any fuel.

Surely you can do it manually. But somehow I can not imagine that someone would be able to do it for any length of time and/or for multiple planes.

You could do...but the question is would you really want to...

I assume that a manual transfer flight still reduces your maintenance time. I never tested it tough.

Sometimes it's possible to fly A->B->C->A with one plane and A->C->B->A with a 2nd to give you an odd number of flights and still end the day at your start location.

.. I'm talking about manually using the transfer feature, which takes time but seems to not stop maintenance or use any fuel.

Hi Jordan,

in theory, you could do it. Well, you could do it for real if you were willing to manually schedule a repositioning flight every day  :-)

But... I don't think your plane would get maintenance during the transfer flight. So the plane would need the time to fly back from B to A and then need enough ground time for maintenance. No ?


To do this you would have to have absolutely no life haha....