Some new Suggestions

Hello all,

I have some suggestions for the On-Board service, and other parts of the game:

  • Let the gamers make a choice between being a luxurious airline or being a low cost carrier by adding a column in the On-Board service page were you can say that passengers have to pay for their own drinks and food and that they can order them before hand by making several ticket prices with more things included for expensive tickets and less included for cheap tickets.

Also to have a tax free sale on board to get some extra income (also for luxurious airlines).

  • Make a list in the pilot hire section where you can choose which pilot is going to be a part of your airline. E.g. Choice between: Young just out of school pilot or very exprerienced pilots where the young pilots are cheaper but need more training and vice versa. Maybe also their nationality including that’s country’s reputation.

  • Being free to choose from a group of passenger handlers just like maintance. This is so you don’t have to wait before someone invests a lot to get some passengers handled.

  • To be more realistic it is maybe a good option to let airlines pay for the slots they want. Then you wouldn’t have slot blocking anymore.

  • PAX don’t want to fly at night. Only low cost carriers can achieve ticket sales for night flights because their cheaper. You can do this in combination with the slot purchase, cheap slots at night and more expensive slots during the day.

These are just some ideas! Let me know what you guys think.


I like your ideas about the service profile and low cost, Luxury airlines and this would be an interesting addition to the already super realistic game.

I don’t think the ideas about pilots will have much difference on your holding because it will not matter that much. Anyway it will mean a hell of a lot more work for the developers and would’nt neccessary yield benficial results.

The idea about passenger handling is already being used, on all airports you have standard AS handling but if you look on certain airports under "ground services" there are alternitive options for handling

I actually quite like the idea of pilot’s proficiency (experience) affecting your airline’s reputation.

Some nice ideas there Rolfio!