Something went really wrong. Help

Hello everyone!

I'm a bit confused..

I've started my airline yesterday, leased some planes, set routes etc.

AND now my domestic flights are fully loaded (after only 1 day!), but only from A to B. From B to A they fly literally empty. 

My international flights have normal load factor (about 10%), and suddenly one flight is 100% loaded. 

That all is really strange. Is it a problem with a game, or I don't understand something?

Passengers always book single legs in AS, so it could well be that you have passengers in one direction but not for the return.

I do assume though, that some of your flights didn’t have the demand calculation yet. Each airport calculates its demand once per day. You can see the time on the airport page. Each flight should therefore get three demand calculations.

It could also be, that the full flight has many transfer pax, while the return doesn’t have a matching connection. On the flight detail page you can find the number of transfer pax, besides the financial result of that flight.

if you only started yesterday dont panic.

the passengers are beeing distributed to your planes

when the airport update takes place, which is once a day.

you can see the time when it happens on every airport information page.

and flights are booked 3 days ahead, which means it takes 3 days for your

flight to have full passenger demand distribution.

on top, transfer passengers will be coming as well.

experience shows, that you need around one or two weeks before there are stable figures

and it still continues to change as the image of your airline will change slowly.

Is it possible to see to which flights your passengers connect? Like more detailed than just from/to own connection?