Staff - redundant network planners

I notice that I have a number of redundant staff, network planners in particular. As a test to find out why, I deleted some routes that currently have no flights scheduled, but this has no effect on the number of redundant staff, as far as I can see. Can someone explain what is happening? Does the number only change after some time delay?

If that is the case, does that mean that it’s better to delete unused routes and offices?


This is happening due to IL agreements. When another company is canceling the IL agreement the personnel used become redundant. This is also the case when one of the IL companies is going bankrupt.

Of course, the more connections you (and your IL partners) have, the more network planners you need.

Can you elaborate? I mean if I have say 100 airports, two hubs and 20 ILs, is there a formula to work out how many network planners are needed?

Sure, there is one formula but nobody will know it - except the ‘programmer’.


you need network planners for your own network, and for your interlining agreements.

I have the impression - just an impression - that the number of staff you need is based on the number of airplanes you operate, rather than the number of routes you operate. Anyway, your list of interlining partners shows you how many staff you need for every interlining partner. When one of your interlining partners goes bust, you are paying some staff members for doing nothing. I never fire them though… You have to pay them several weeks of salary if you sack them, and like Saadmohd said, you will gradually need more staff when your airline grows, and when your interlining partners grow. And in a few days someone else will offer you an interliing agreement and then you will also need more staff.


Thanks for the replies. Meanwhile I’ve been doing some calculations on the data for my three operations and I get the following formula as a good approximation:

A = total number of personnel for interlining (See Home » Operations » Interlining)

B = number of airports served

Then Network Planners required = (A + B/4) plus 20%

Anyone care to compare their figures?


here are my numbers… the formula doesn’t seem to match, so I have added the fleet size of each airline. I can give you more data if you like.

Airline 1

interlining staff: 806

own network staff: 39

(total network staff: 845)

Airports served: 106

fleet: 106

Airline 2

interlining staff: 242

own network staff: 8

(total network staff: 250)

airports served: 46

fleet: 23

Airline 3

interlining staff: 198

own network staff: 15

(total network staff: 213)

airports served: 60

fleet: 49


Hi Jan, I’m not sure what you mean by "own network staff". Using the formula I get:

Airline   	Network staff	predicted

one   	845			999

two   	250			253.5

three 	213			209.5

ok, not quite accurate,but it’s close. For your airlines I get a good fit with

A = total number of personnel for interlining (See Home » Operations » Interlining)

C = size of fleet


Then Network Planners required = (A + C/3)