Standardized fleet


I was wondering if it makes sense to have a standardized fleet, even within the maintainance categories in terms of administration cost.

For example

3x A320neo light
2x A320 light


5x A320 light

Will more different airplanes increase me administration costs?

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The maintenance categories are set by the “Type Rating” for the aircraft.

In your example both aircraft are part of the A318/319/320/321 series and for maintenance purposes are the same aircraft. ie: you can fly any combination of them and they are “1” type.

You can fly any three “types” before you start to have a penalty to overall maintenance costs.


No good reason to have standardized fleet as long as they are in the same family. Later on you will get bored of the used market and just order hundreds of the same plane (due to efficiency). For example, when I ran the Global Group there was no way of getting the amount of planes I needed on the used market. Therefore I settled on the most efficient plane in each class and got tons of them. I had over 1000 A320NEO and A321NEO taking care of the short and medium haul. Over 100 A350s taking care of the long haul and 100 A380s taking care of high density. I got to bored of diversity so I just operated my 3 large airlines them same, using the same planes and same model. I personally think commonality should be rewarded in AS as it is in real life.

That’s wrong. Type ratings affect the categories in which aircraft pilots are set in - they do not influence maintenance categories. Each aircraft has, on its information page, the maintenance category listed. Yes, the groupings are mostly similar (and for your example of the Airbus A320 correct), but there are differences.

For example, A330, A340 and A350 share the same type rating, but only A330 and A340 share the same maintenance category, while the A350 has its own. The Boeing 747 is split in three type ratings, but only one maintenance category, and so is the whole DC-9/MD-80/MD-90/717 family. The Boeing 757, 767 and 777 are even more complicated: While each famly has its own maintenance category, the type ratings are partially shared: 757/767-200/767-300 is the first, 767-400/777 is the other one.


wow - i have played this game on and off since 2012 and I did not know this. I thought that the type code was the determining factor. I had never in all my years noted the maintenance category code in the 2nd column at the bottom just above the “go to performance check”.

Thank you for this I wish we still had a wiki or place to put stuff like this so we could refer people to it. Even old guys like me don’t know how stuff works sometimes :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the correction !

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