Stapleton Enterprises (more or less)

Hei :) I’ve just joined the community and worked my ass off to understand the game. It’s been 2 days now, I understood aprox. 45% of it, but I was wondering, how come the only successful airlines were founded in 2011 leaving no emerging success for 2012? Is it that hard to advance on Stapleton?

Moreover, I have now fallen into the traps of the game and bought 100 credits. My previous airline managing game was AirlineMogul, but it does not compare AT ALL with this one.

Basically, even if I read all the nonsense in the forum, I have a couple of questions that are on my (sickening) mind.

Why is everyone operating flights 100 times a day? (as in x1234567) I thought the purpose of the game was to find the perfect combination of rotations (weekly) so that you get 100% profit.

Secondly, I’d like to ask when will I figure that a route is profitable or not? I mean, when will I figure if I have to cut freq or place a smaller/bigger jet instead.

The extra question, that’s really annoying me is how can I possibly tell if a leased E170 is more profitable than a 73G on a specific route (for example, one of my routes is Bucharest(OTP) - Vienna(VIE) )

Pardon my grammar, please, but also answer these questions for me because I am trapped with my own thoughts, and I’m not able to think logic anymore :))))

Have a great day!

(^ these are not FAQs. i have to admit I checked like 20 times)

welcome @ airlinesim

  1. every day there is a demand update (which you can see @ the page of every airport). if after a few days (3-4) your bookings aren’t good enough, you have the choice of lowering the price or decrease the seats you offer per day.

  2. you have the possibility to use the aircraft evaluation tool you’ll find under the menu "fleet…". you can choose there for example your route OTP - VIE and can select all ingame aircraft-types in a drop down menu. in the table below you will find several numbers about expenses and so on. the most important point there is the "price per seat". this is the main effeciency number (it’s in bold).

Thank you, very much!

I found the Demand Calculation Info (which is basically time reference). I’ll check on my figures after my planes start flying… I restarted (restructured) my airline about 4 times now. I try to take the example of Tarom (real airline that operates from OTP) but I keep on messing some frequencies. Anyhow, I’ll keep checking the figures.

regarding answer no. 3 - i have been using the evaluation tool for some time, but I cannot understand the meaning of those figures.

Can someone teach me how to interpret the table, please :D ?



in the middle you have in bold the "PRICE PER SEAT". this is the main indicator how profitable / expense one seat in your listed aircraft will be.

left of this there are all expenses, right of this are demand incomings.

important, how i say, is the price per seat - field.

Ok, I get the table now, except one detail. The 50% 60% … 100% thing, represents how much I’ll get if the a/c load is 50% 60% or… 100% ?

Oh and based on my hub (OTP) what would you recommend for a flight to LHR? An E190 or a 73G?

this represents the profit or loss you can make if your aircraft is 50% 60% and so on full. But be very very cautious with that. The tool should only be used as a tool to see the costs per seat. There are two major thinks I don´t like. First you can not configure it with your own seating that you are using. Since you will normally not use only Economy seats but also business class and maybe even First class seats. The tool is looking only at eco class seats that u selected. And Second thing for your example it comes out that a 737 will be the most profitable one given the setup you have chosen. BUT I can only give you the stong advice to think carefully. Stapleton has big Companies on it so hav a look via the ORS what competition you will have on that route, What Aircrafts your competitors are using and then think what you like to do. A 737 is especially in the begining a much too big aircraft. U need to fill it up to make Profit and in the beginning its highly unlikely that you will do this on a 737. Most famous Aircraft for a starting company are a Dash8 Series Aircraft or a CRJ 700 or 900 Series Aircraft. If you fill up these you have good chances to make Profit. The game is Designed as a hub based concept so the more Aircrafts you have the more connections you will have and therefore more passengers will fly with you because they have a good network. For the starting mony you can buy 3-4 737 or 5-6 Dash 8 or CRJ 700 or 900 Aircrafts and still have some money left.



Oh, thanks for the piece of advice. I think I’ll go for the ATR72 instead of the Dash 8, because there’s not so many on the lease market. Other than that, I’ll try to restrain from using big jets from the beginning.

You can simply lease-orde planes on the left side of the page. It takes only 12 hours on Stapleton to get a brand new Dash8-Q400A . They are a little more effective than ATrs!

Thanks for the heads up, Julstar. I knew that, but believe it or not I have lost three days because I kept on restarting the airline. I don’t know what to do now, I’d leave it like this for a couple of days.

Oh and btw, I really admire Aero Rossija! I’ve been looking at your enterprises these days and they’re amazing.(i suppose you pay a lot of credits :D)

I’d like to ask you one more question.

My hub is OTP. If I want to gather passengers from, lets say TSR, BUD, BCM and get them to London through Bucharest.

Should I have the domestic flights before the London flight, or after? (1 h distance - transfer time)

You should have the domestic flights before the London flight with enough time for the passengers to transfer (the minimum transfer time).

In the meantime, I have started maduair, in Nice. I operated 2 E190 and had 2 Dash 8 on order. My 2 E190 operated flights throughout France and like one flight each to Milan, Rome and Palma de Mallorca. They sucked :))))) I could only get 30% lf on economy, although getting 100% in business (4 seats =)) YAY).

Now, I have restarted my airline, and ordered 2 Dash 8A. I can’t wait to recieve them and start flights (in, like… a week). I will also lease a Dash 8B for now, since I am eager to play.

How about starting your airline in Meigs? Because it is going to restart today…There won’t be mega airlines even at hot routes so it would definately easier for you to grow.

So I did! I joined meigs :)

One more question, quys, how can one appreciate prices? I mean, I’m running 100% LF on NCE-CDG, and yet, I’d like to make more money, by making the ticket more expensive. Is this a risky move?

Check the rating and the ORS. In the rating (inside flight details), there’re something called "Price" & "Price performance ratio". At this moment charging higher price won’t be too risky (due to lower supply), but you gotta adjust them back if competition occurs. You might check the ORS to see your combined flight rating comparing with other airlines flying the same route.

Thanks a lot! Is there a way to impove an aircraft’s condition? I mean, its maintenance ratio is 142% and it’s condition, after the first day of flights dropped to 98%.

If you evenly distribute the at least 2 hours maintenance slot (the blue space in your schedule) while having the maintenance ratio over 100%. Then you shouldn’t worry about the condition. It is normal for it to drop and it will rise again after the maintenance period ends.

I have assured that I have the 2h slot designated for maintenance, still, the condition dropped to 94%. It is so relieving to know that it will rise back up!