Stapleton extremely slow

Page load times are somewhere between 7 and 10 seconds. Flight planning is next to impossible.

Are you still experiencing it? I have no problems at Stapleton.

Actually I did experience it until very recently. Right now the response times are closer to 2-4 seconds. Still not good, but not a show stopper.

Apparently the bad performance appears only in Firefox. Chrome is very fast.

Problem persists. It seems that scheduling is more affected than other functions. Also, it gets a lot worse in the evening. Right now I experience response times of about 10 seconds for each single click. This is frustrating.

Any reaction from the AS team?

We hear reports like this occasionally, but so far we weren’t able to pin point an exact cause. Overall performance of all game worlds is nominal.

Could you provide some additional information that might help in troubleshooting? Like the size of your airline, whether it affects only certain airports (or rather, schedules containing certain airports) and similar details.

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Difficult. Rigt now I can’t reproduce it, all is very fast. I remember that it affected only flight scheduling, not so much any other part of the game. The routes for which I did the most scheduling were from/to IAD, and this airport happens to have a fair amount of flights with a speed override, if that makes any difference.

Was this in scheduling using scheduling menu, or scheduling via aircraft and flight plan ?

Via aircraft and flight plan.

Yes that’s the mystery slowness. When this scheduling via flight plan is slow, check scheduling using scheduling menu in main menu, that one should be fast. If that is the case, it’s indeed the case of mystery slowness.

The exact opposite here (mobile device, Tempelhof server).
Chrome sometimes behave as you describe. I switch to Firefox then and all is ok.

From a technical standpoint, it’s extremely unlikely the browser has anything to do with it.

Why? Isn’t there quite a lot of client side JavaScript involved? What if there is some sort of memory leak? What AK describes is very similar to what I saw: slow performance on the standard browser (AK: Chrome, me: Firefox) but not on the alternate browser. This is, of course, just an educated guess.