Stapleton is sometimes laggy

Hey there - in the last 2-3 weeks I found Stapleton beeing laggy very often. E.g. logging in or classical and known problems as the office page are quite annoying from time to time. Somedays the general performance of the server is okay, somedays it’s quite bad. Flightplan management is also slow very often, but not as bad that it’s impossible to work with.

Also there is a backlog of 5-15 minutes most of the times when I looked at the status page.

Just wanted to inform you, maybe you can have a look once in a while. Thanks!

Just the usual stuff that we are - as repeatedly posted in quite a bit of places - working on as fast as we can. Please stick with us until these issues can be resolved.

Yeah, I had that in mind and haven’t forgotten about the plans to optimize the statistics! I’m very much looking forward to it.