It has come to my attention that stapleton has many more slots than any other gameworld, why is this ?

you better should not believe any rumor

Don’t care about Chillhunter, he is …

Stapleton has more Slots, becaus this game world is just one and a half months old.

dont care about what archangel says, he’s a j…

through a patch some time ago the bigger airports get more slots on all servers, depending on the number of runways

so all airports with more then 2 runways get extraslots

remember it well, because many players complainted about that

and here the link, for the team members with short term memory

(sorry only german)


You said it, extra slots on ALL servers, and well, stapleton belongs to "ALL", doesn’t it? So stapleton has the SAME number of slots as every other one has. So, if you are unable to understand the question (if stapleton would have MORE slots then the others NOW have) and ArchangelSk’s completely correct answer, then just be quiet…

[size="1"](I was nice enough to mark the more important words in my posting for you. Your English seems not to be that fluent[/size]…[size="1"])[/size]

better youread it all again, that’s what I say

archangel said stapleton has more slots then the other servers, not i

so he’s wrong


You can’t be serious by not understanding ArchangelSk’s message properly… Just thinking about the first AND the second part of the sentence together would give you the idea that he was talking about the FREE slots. But I’m just familiar with the fact that you only read those parts that give you the opportunity to moan about the AS staff…

what is he talking about free slots ?

may be, he mean that, but he did not write it

is it a game here, where we must guess what people mean when they write

and what can i do, when the staff is …, it’s not my failure

It’s kinda implied… It’s reading into the text, if you had taken the one second it takes to think about the whole post in its entirety, then the next 5 posts could have been avoided…

Now, do everyone (including yourself) a favour, settle down and stop attacking team members left, right and centre…

Just to safe the information of this thread:

[size=“3”]Same airports (e.g. airport ‘Frankfurt International’ on Kaitak, Devau, Tempelhof…) have the same amount of slots. There are no differences! The upgrade regarding more slots than before were made on all servers - and even before Stapleton started, if I remember correctly.[/size]

[size=“2”]Please stay with childish behaviour in p.m. - that means all. Someone had a serious question and that had just to be answered simple that he can understand what’s right! Can’t really have been soooo difficult, thanks. Don’t reply on my post - if you just want to troll.[/size]