Start-up companies in a game dominated by Large companies

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]I started my airline in India and after starting it I realised that there are already major airlines dominating the market and pretty much every route/segment is covered. I started very recently and have problems filling up seats on even small planes like ATR 42 on many legs. Flights between cities like MAA and SGP and BKK could not be filled even though in real life, the market between SIN and MAA is massive.[/size][/color]

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[color="#1C2837"][size=“2”]hese large companies have all been around for a long time (almost all founded on 13th July 2011 for some reason). Given that all these big players are well established and flushed with funds, how can I compete? I am not able to get a loan and from what I’ve read in the forums it seems like I would never be able to get loans unless I actually own planes. Other hubs and cities in the region are equally packed (ME, SEA, East Asia). Does AS support the low-cost vs premium service game play? [/size][/color]

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[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Or is it a situation where I may not be able to catch up ever. If help is not given to small start-ups the game is going to be continually dominated by large players. Thank you guys for your help and any tips, hints, advice would be helpful and appreciated![/size][/color]

Let me start this way - you can always compete and you can always win. But you have to be smart about it and not always will it work to your expectations.

To compete with big company use what is your best weapon - flexibility. Do what you can to offer best service for a good price, compare it with competition. Still not getting full? Provide better service, lower the price a bit etc.

But not at all routes you will be able to compete. But India is big! Search for a different route that might not be big as well but with less traffic!

Also yes - there are different markets. High class prestige, standard and low cost. But you can win against anyone eventually ;)

What? There are econ, biz, and first class passengers. There are not "High class prestige, standard and low cost". All econ passengers are created equal. Everyone places the same value on service, connections, and image. Trying to build a low cost carrier will reduce your revenue much more than your costs.

When I start up my company in China, there are many large companies operating in the region.

I once based in CAN and eventually found out that few slots are available and the competitors

are already well established. Therefore I switch my based to Shanghai, which is less occupied.

And now, my airline ranked the 2nd in China in terms of passenger capacity.

you can do it, you’ve just got to find that nitch that other players havent found yet. Once you do, your golden! What server are you in anyways?

If you’re looking to launch in India - come to Tempelhof. Big Indian Carrier just liquidated a few weeks backs. HUGE potential.