starting capital

I have a friend who has started up this game. There feedback was that it was so slow to get started. He’s been playing for a few weeks now and likes the game but it is just taking so long to really get going.

Maybe with this feed back you should consider changing the starting capital to 20 million. This way you can start a decent airline with 15 props or 4-5 737s. just an idea.

We had this discussion in the german forum several times. The conclusion was that the starting capital with 10 mill. is much enough for a good start. The primary goal for every player is to reach the big business, but not from start. ;)



10 million is pretty enough, specially when starting on a new server

I would agree that 10 millions is enough for start up especially in places that has little competition. :)

The problem is not that it isn’t enough to start, but that it takes so so long to get going. If you don’t want to increase it, give people dicounts on leases or something otherwise it takes months just to get started with 6-7 planes. And if there is any competition it will take even longer.

Not necessarily.

There are airlines on Nicosia in Greece based in Heraklion that grow real quickly! Where there’s a niche, fill it!

but it is not easy…

specially you could see little success before you need to PAY for the game

it may be better if players feel their success and more willing to pay

If everyone starts with more $$$ then there will just be more competition since other airlines have more $$$ as well. 3 or 4 narrow bodies or 8-10 turbo props is plenty of aircraft to start.

There is no need to make AS any faster or easier. There are many games of this genre in which you can create a major carrier within a few weeks. Please play them instead and leave AirlineSim, by far the best airline management simulation alone if you don’t like it.

20million won’t create a major player. maybe if you buy the points you will start with a bit more. i just started a new airline and have added one new ac in 2 weeks. therefore potential new players don’t stick around. even if you started with 15 million, that is only 5-6 737’s. it would just reduce the runup time for expansion in the first 2 weeks. because really you only make 2 million max in the firstweeks so it doesn’t allow you to expand massively at a faster rate, just takes the first 2 weeks of game plau out(the boring ones where you are just waiting to get enough to add another ac)

giraffe, i pay to play this game aswell. infact i bet i play it more than you. so by your logic you should go find a new game to play. further comments from you are not welcome.

more starting capital is not needed. but additional money should be available through loans/credit, of course with high interests to cover the high risk because it’s a new airline… then it’s up to every player if he wishes to get credit and pay the interests to grow faster.

I think 10million is more than enough, especially when your a new player! I’ve moaned on the subject before but there are players who play the trial phase then leave, perhaps after only having played a day! While there are reasons for this (having to pay, having to wait etc.) It does clog up servers with slots and aircraft being taken out of circulation by “trialees” it’s frustrating to have to compete against someone who isn’t even playing. Also I enjoy the challenge of starting with almost nothing and building it up, watching, waiting, planning. I’m only playing as a small fish in a big pond and it’s great and requires skill and strategy, I think giving people too much money to start with is certainly counter productive - patience is a virtue.

That said I would like to see some means of injecting more cash into an existing enterprise, perhaps transfers from parent companies or bigger loans (why can my airline valued at over 20mil and with a weekly profit of over 1.5mil only borrow 400k?)

10Mil is perfectly fine - I have a 10 prop operation on Tempelhof which has taken it’s time to build up and it WILL take time - but all 10 A/C are owned and sure, I have had to use loans, but that’s how the real world is. AS is fine as it is IMO.