Startup failed?

Hi I am a beginner in the airlinesim.

Starting in Stapleton server, I decided to build an ariline in Rhodos, Greece. Unfortunately at that time there was another new company coming into the Greek market - rendering the main trunk line to Athens non-profitable. Despite interlining with various sizable partners, I notice that I can barely afford the lease payment after a week of operation.

My fleet is full of leased Q400A but my load factor is only 60% - which is obviously not enough. I thought about reverting flights to new destinations other than Greece but choices are limited. I thought about radical changes like returning some Q400 and buying a MD80 instead (for flights to European/Middle East Capitals)…Still I am kinda worried about such bold change.

Or I really should start up another business elsewhere with less fierece compeition?

Thanks and all advices are appreciated!

Rhodos is a hard place to start at. Also it would be appreciated, if you gave the server, you are playing at.

Generally, there is nothing better than Dash8Q-400A to start with at medium sized airports.

Some general advice:

ORS is everything. Be above your competitors there and pax will fly with you.

Use the hub-concept as good as possible Give all your pax a reasonable connection to continue their flights via Rhodos.

Last but not least. Have pacience. It takes 3 days to see, if a route is working or not. Changing schedules before this time would be a bad idea.

Oh and yes. DON’T BUY MD80!!! … If you want to fly to the midle east, get some CRJ700 or CRJ900 to start with.

Best wishes,


Thanks to Julstar for the advices, especially the CRJ thing. I am at Stapleton…I guess I will return 1 dash for extra distance offered by CRJ

Welcome! … And remember: A conection to the midle east (whatever city) will not help, if you dont have enough via-pax, coming from Europe, continueing with your company to Israel, Egyp, Libanon, Turkey, etc. … :rolleyes: