Statistics messed up!


I just realized that HEL airport statistics are completly messed up. An airline with 7 daily departures is top as freight and one with 48 for passengers. Yesterday evevning the statistics still looked completly different!

Would you please have a look into this?

Most likely it has the earliest flights at the airport and you looked at the weekly statistics very early on a monday morning? They had operated their flights and nobody else. So they are at the top, as the weekly statistic only calculates what already has been operated.

Yes, I have, up to now, not realized that this is the case! Please excuse the stupid question!

Btw - why did you send a mail to support and open a thread here? ;)

Actually what happened was that my I Phone, on which I wrote this message, decided to send it to the forum, although I didn’t intend to do that :D

But I appreciate that you took care of the matter at both ends, I’ve never realized that the statistics restart on Mondays.

Thanks :)