Stock exchange questions


I’m playing AS for quite some time now and i think i know most of the things required to build a successful airline. However i didn’t venture until now in the stock trading business (stock exchange). Having some money i thought, why not ? But here i have a few questions and i have looked up the wiki and in the forums but i didn’t found an answer to my questions.

Basically there are two questions.

  1. If i buy shares in a company and that company later goes bankrupt, what happens with my stock or invested money ? I loose it ? Or i get compensated by AS Holding ?

  2. If i buy majority shares in a company and that company becomes mine (this company being located in another country), how this affects the transport rights for this company ? Because now if i create a subsidiary in another country i will not have full traffic rights if that is not an investment open country. Will i have full transport rights with the company i acquired on the stock exchange ?

Thank you

  1. If a company (that is noted at a stock exchange) goes down everything goes as usual (bills are payed , aircrafts returned, severance payings…and so on), with the difference that everything that remains goes back to the stockholders (not [only] to the holding)

example: if you own 5% of the stocks and after the usual procedure …let´s say 100.000.000AS$ remain , you will receive 5% of that (no matter what you paid for your stocks…if you invested early and paid 1.000.000 you are a lucky guy …if you invested later …let´s say 20.000.000 …that´s life [or better said : that´s the risk of investment])

  1. if you buy a company (majority) the company looses its former transportation rights and get´s your transportation rights …to answer your question : NO but if it´s a cargo company …doesn´t matter …but you probably know that


Then I don´t understand how, for example, the company PACIFIC EXPRESS on Tempelhof based in SFO, Usa, and still manages subsidiaries in Colombia, Pakistan, Argentina, Panama, Kuwait and so on. What am I missing?

All of those countries have unrestricted market access. Read about traffic rights on the wiki