Strange scene in sever tempelhof

Kubait Arabian Airlines based in Saudi-Arabia has been closed down around 1 week ago

But since yesterday (2011-06-17), an airline of the same is established again

and within one day, the airline fleet gone up to 80 aircrafts.

I would like to know why this could be happened.

It is quite ridiculous that an airline could grow in such a speed.

it is possible that the holding company injected a lot more capital into the subsidiary when it was being created.

It all depends on how much money the holding company has as I dont think there is a limit on how much you can put into a subsidiary.

Right on the money. Here’s what (probably) happened:

  • Airline went bankrupt.

  • Holding got a lot of money out of it.

  • Holding founded the same airline again with a lot of money.

  • Subsidiary leased all available 737-800 HGW (winglets) and put an order for a few extra.

  • Subsidiary also put an order for the other two types.

You could have come to that conclusion had you checked the fleet list more carefully. Half of his entire fleet is still on order, and with the production rate, it’ll take more than 2 weeks for him to receive all those aircraft.

Also, if there was this much money in the airline, chances are this bankruptcy was the cause of the delays on THF yesterday…

And what happened, as it is mine, I had 350.000.000 AS$ and were bored - again. :D

Everything like TimS said, but another airline got deleted! :P