Subsidiary Company

hello, I started a subsidiary in the Med. Islands and my parent company is based in the CIS. I tried starting flight but I got no loads on these flights that my subsidiary flies. Is there something wrong? any solutions



First of all, it would be nice if you could provide us with some information about the server you're playing at, the company's name and the route, so that we can have a quick look ourselves. Otherwise we can only guess what might be the cause, since there are a dozen of reasons why zero load factors can appear in AS.

Ukravia in Gatow - Subs is Fly Cyprus - routes are to destinations in Greece, Italy, and Spain. 

Hope that helps. :) Thanks again. 

You have ukrainian traffic rights. So you can fly from and to this country. Your subsidiary got the same traffic rights from it´s parent company.

So thats all I can fly to? Ukraine and back? or countries that Ukraine is allowed to fly to?

The same rules apply to the subsidiary as apply to the holding.