Success in Myanmar

Hi everyone!

I’m finding that I don’t have the time to focus on a really big market and all that’s required to stay competitive, but I would like to run a smaller airline with some domestic and regional routes.

For that reason, I am thinking of giving Myanmar another try. I ran an airline there when I first started on airlinesim and found it very difficult though.

Does anyone have any tips for Myanmar, thoughts on focus areas and how best to generate transfer pax? Has anyone managed to build up a large-ish regional operator based out of Yangon?

Thank you!

I tried there once after watching Alfapiomega (Yb)'s video. All i can suggest is Bangkok (BKK) and the other 10 bars in the region are your best friends. The domestic market demand is quite strong, and if you find a good partner in India and China, then that will help you massively.

I ran Mohinga Airlines on Otto in 2018. Based in RGN, I think I had more luck connecting South East Asia and India than China. The slot limit is highly annoying but I think RGN is geographically in a better spot than Mandalay.

Just remember to not over reach. You first need to build up reliable domestic and regional feed before reaching out to larger planes for international. If you dont over reach you should be fine.

Thanks everyone, very helpful.

I will give it another go - the trick is going to be stitching together a nice domestic network, which I found difficult last time. I probably need to try small(er) planes, flying more frequently.