Sudden change in pax demand green bars at Sialkot


My loads on all routes operating to and from Sialkot (SKT), Pakistan - a 4 bar airport when the Stapleton was started - were running close to full since July. In recent weeks they kept dropping despite repeated lowering of prices. The SKT-Heathrow flights were abysmal for the last few weeks and just now when I was removing that route altogether, I noticed SKT had 1 green bar for pax! I just want to know when this change was made from 4 bars to 1 bar, and if it was so necessary to do so, then I wish players were informed or some country notification/advisory was issued. Fortunately, my ops from SKT were limited so its not such an issue, but if something similar were to be done to an airport with larger operations, it would be a problem.



You mean this one?

Right, got it, I didn’t know such a page existed. Thank you. Does this mean though, that any airport can suddenly drop from 4 or 5 bars to 1 bar? I just find this slightly unnerving from the point of view of setting up routes from smaller but viable airports. Just finished removing 5 daily profitable dash8-400 frequencies Karachi-Sialkot and one daily Dubai-Sialkot. I am just worried it could happen again to another city.

Normaly it won’t - but when in real life a airport is not served anymore or has a large drop of transportes passenger/cargo, it might happen, yes.

I see your point, but as far as I know in this case, Sialkot’s pax have only gone up since its inception in 2007 and as the development work at the airport is underway, these numbers are growing. The airport info shows a very limited flight schedule but it does comprise of international and domestic flights, even if there are a couple each day, and they are all either B737 or A310 and one B743 as well. In comparison, other 1 bar airports in Pakistan, do not see any international service, or even domestic service for that matter, and even if there is, its a an ATR service. So how can the rating fall so drastically?