sudden drop in passengers

[size="6"]hi i fly the yyz to yul route it was getting 100% loads but now its getting 55% on average why is the and how can i stop this[/size]


Whats happening to the pax loads?

1st Check your ticket price 2ndupdate your on-board services 3rd try to upgrade your cabin configerations

Stop! Stop! Stop! ^^

Adjust your ticket prices. Then wait…

my tickets cost 98 the cheapest on there

Leave the route and try something else where the fares are higher.

If à competitor has come on this route, it can explain your loss

So you have the choice to raise your prices, upgrade service, plane or seats

This may be a result of the new economic model added. I’ve lost signifcant load on some domestic routes in the UK. I’ve dropped my prices and am now playing a waiting game. If your already the cheapest operator you can check the ORS and see the flight rating of yours and your competitions flights. If you already have a 100% rating and sit top of the list then theres nothing you can do really. If however your halfway down the list or you do not even appear then check for more details on the competition. You can easily see what aircraft they use, but you can also check out the cabin configurations from the fleet lists, this will give you some kind of idea of what seats they have installed. Also you may find a small change in onboard service (that costs you perhaps $2-3) gives you a greater passenger rating then dropping the price by $10

This has nothing to do with the new economic model, the AGEX is now on 968/1000 so there is a drop of 0,32% in demand.

Most likely someone dropped their price on the route, raised their service or got a better plane. Someone might have even started offering this as a super connecting flight.