Suggestion: Pricing profile

My suggestion is to create pricing profile.

For example you may want to charge 50% on top of Y and 30% on top of C class, for a specific seating config/service/distance, etc.

Right now, you can only select "one" pricing level, which is universal for all classes of service.

Pricing profile (instead of selecting 50%--->200% price universally across the board, but by adding custom pricing profile) would allow you to set rates at specific different % for Y, C, F and cargo.

Pricing profile would be very simple, you would create %-wise price over default (or less than default) for Y, C, F and cargo. This profile would have a pricing profile name. During flight scheduling, you would be able to assign pricing profile to the given flight. This would remove time-consuming manual price adjustment process for each individually scheduled sector of the aircraft.