Sukhoi Superjet 100

When are we getting this one? first delivery was in april with armavia.

I’m hoping that they include in the next new server as it is already in service just like I think the CRJ900 NextGen.

As is the case with some other new aircraft that are about to be released, martin has said we won’t be introducing new aircraft until the whole basis on which the current performance system is based is overhauled. As things are, some aircraft perform better than they should, and other perform worse than they should. The reason for this lies in the fact that these systems are remnants of older versions, and the data was just carried over. Due to this, there are (at times severe) inconsistencies in the performance data and their application. If we were to introduce new aircraft now, with the correct data, they wouldn’t be able to stand up to the older aircraft that are using incorrect data.

Since this is a lot of work to correct, it’s not likely that a fix for this will be here soon. As such, it was decided to not introduce any more new aircraft (the new CRJ was the last one) before the performance system has been overhauled and all data verified to be correct.

[font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]If I think a revision is needed, there are planes like Airbus, in reality, require lessmaintenance and is less than that of Boeing, and the game has not been demonstrated.

On the other hand, I have seen the airlines charging suffer much because cargo planesare not many and all you have are to buy and old, after 25 years.[/size][/font]

Which priority has the overhauling? It is a little disappointment that just a small percentage of the available planes are profitable and I hope this may change after the overhauling.

It’s pretty high priority, quite prominent on the to-do list and being discussed on what way we want to go with it right now.

Expect to hear more when we have a general idea of what we want to do.