Sure he's "not" cheating

This fresh company got 42 Airbus A320s, at an average age of 5 yrs, on the second day of operation. 52 A320s on the third day. All a/c are normally priced

I have played AS for so long and personally carried out some “mission impossible” schemes, but this? This is not a thing.

Plus: cordially hoping my ticket regarding broken rating system for my aspern company gets resolved sooner or later.

Even at 50% lease (current lowest allowed) it is impossible to have 52 x 320/321 aircraft after 2 days of operations, correct. And the lessor is public leasing company, not a private lessor. So you might assume that the numbers do not add up,


The holding was established 2017-07-05

Quite likely the guy had money in his holding .

Definitely got a point. I didn’t notcie that. Very bizzarelly his last operational company (and only one) went bankruptcy in 2018.That company was never listed in stock market.

Anyhow, he kept an inactive account which consumes credits daily just to wait for the day one of his possible rivals fell down? If that’s the case I press F to pay respect

@taochicago it has never been appropriate, fair or acceptable to report or claim someone is cheating on the forum, especially naming or including a link to the company. I have therefore edited your post as not to point a big finger at someone without knowing the facts…remember innocent until proven guilty. If you would like to report anyone appropriately you can do it via the in game report button, or send a message to support@

I checked the support tickets - could it be, that you don’t have a valid e-mail address? As you apparently haven’t received any answers?
I’m asking because there already was a support ticket about this airline and it’s been answered on Sunday - pointing out the same that has been said here… and no cheating involved, so I’m glad that ianmanson already took care of editing this topic.

Write me a personal massage, in case you have any further questions.