Tecnam P2102 Traveller

It has been certified and delivered. 9 pax

It would be great that it could be added

Is it in commercial every-day use by an airline? If not, don’t expect it any time soon :slight_smile:

It is flying with Cape Air in the USA,

They have two delivered and operating. Further deliveries to come

Doesn’t this only require one pilot?

Looks like it, but so does the Pilatus PC-12.

The plane looks certainly eligible to be introduced into AS, but I’m guessing priorities aren’t particularly high.

If only some commercial airline could order the PC-24, now that would be something interestingly different.

The aircraft is expected to enter revenue service on Dec 14th. I am curious as well whether this interesting aircraft will enter the game?

Any chance this aircraft is coming to the game? It has been in commercial service for some time now. I’d have use for it myself, and I’m sure there are others as well. I know these small aircraft are controversial, but they would likely be very good for a few of my operations.

I would certanily use it. Please add it

I think there should be a polling feature on the forum where we poll to add features, aircraft and airports.
What do you think?

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I am still surprised you have hope. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, by the way.

We have been waiting on some features for YEARS. Polling, especially when 2/3 of this game doesn’t really know this forum exist, would fall on dead ears.

Like I said, not a criticism to you - I think it’d be a great idea, if it had any impact. I regret to inform the chances of that happening are as slim as the chances this year were of Schalke winning the Bundesliga. Someone will get that reference, I’m sure.


I know the chances are slim but you can always ask and hope. Maybe my voice will be heard. And the chance of this coming is the same as Schalke even coming back to the Bundesliga.

So we will get no response from the team?

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Probably not, but would be nice to get.

Given that the PC-12 is in the game, the Traveller should probably also be added. But as you might have figured, it’s quite low on the list of priorities.

Atleast it is on the bottom of the list now which is better than nothing. Is it possible to know what you have on the top of the list?

I’m afraid I can’t talk about this yet for at least another few weeks or months.

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Thank you for a response @martin knowing it’s at least on the list is good.

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