Terminal expansion and contracts

My problem:

I built with my holding or holding enterprise terminals for my airline enterprises.

Terminal 3: Capacity 3.500 (old)

Terminal 3: Capacity 4.000 (new)

So, the old contract matches just with those 3.500 but now the terminal has 4.000, but I can’t just allocate 500 additional capacity. I have to CANCEL the contract for the terminal (all flights lose their contracts) and also I have to wait a week till the contract is deleted and I can make a new contract. When I want to higher the capactiy by need it takes much time till I have the right contract.

It should be possible to re-allocate the newly made capacities. Or - for example - you make a "new" contract which gets added to the old, when terminal, terminal owner and terminal user are the same.

Good idea, I had the same problem several times.

That’s an old problem which should be fixed easily I think…

I’m irritated about that since my very first days on AS!..

[font=“Verdana”]I’m irritated about it to since my very first days on AS!..

So i look forward to we get that change![/font]