Terminating a Lease

Hey all, I’m terminating a lease, and wondering what happens?

What are the charges and when does the aircraft free up?

No charges.

The aircraft is returned to the lessor at the end of the current leasing week. The last leasing rate is due and you get the deposit back.

Great thanks! So if the leasing week is on a Thursday say and we are now in Wednesday the plane will return in 1 day, or is it 8 days?

Just one day - and if you terminate the contract five minutes before the next pay is due, it’s only five minutes ;)

Perfect! Thanks heaps.

Hey anyone know how to add this info to the wiki?

Just to make sure if that aircraft has pax or cargo and it terminates you will have to cough up the cash for the reimbursement just like if you cancel the flight correct?

Yeah that’s true - so try and cancel the schedule 4 days out (3 days + 1 comfort day) and the flights wont be booked therefore no cancel fees.

On a side note, I edited the wiki to have the above points. Also the point RE leasing new planes - many beginners including my self miss this one.

To correct it: There are no cancel fees when an aircraft is returned to the lessor.

This is because the flights are not cancelled when the leasing conctract is over, the booked flights are simply deleted when the aircraft leaves your fleet.

I was deinately charged fees for those flights that didn’t run.

Impossible. There must be another reason for the expenses you had.

If you refer to depreciation: That’s because of the scrapped cabin interior when the aircraft is returned.

You get charged cancellation fee’s when you cancel an already booked scheduled flight do you not?

Sure. But we were talking about cancelling a lease - and this causes no cancellation fees ;)

True there are no lease cancelation fee’s, but a thing to watch out for is that if any flights are booked on an aircraft, cancelation fees are applied to flights that are stopped due to lease termination.

I was trying to tell you, that exactly this is not the case… The flights, that are still booked on the aircraft, get simply deleted but not cancelled and won’t cost you a penny.

I play AirlineSim for over two years now and I cancelled a lot of aircraft and they all had a full schedule and booked flights when the leasing ended - trust me ;)


Spezialist is correct.

You pay cancellation fees to the passengers if a flight is cancelled because the plane is at the wrong airport, or because the plane is grounded due to maintenance problems.

When a plane is called back because you don’t pay the lease, or because you cancelled the leasing contract, there are no cancellation fees.


Right-o, thanks for clearing that up guys.