That low demand between PVG and NRT?

I found an interesting fact in Idlewild

When Shanghai (Pax level 9) and Narita (Pax level 9) are metropolitian cities,

it cannot fill 4 flights per day? (2xCR7, 1xCR9 and 1xA320)

It happens to many other pairs of cities from PVG to Japan…

in real world, many flights are flying these pairs when high load factor

can anyone explain this?

first: airline + server

second: some competition on this route?

third: i need the first point for this

I am in idlewild

I didn’t serve this route … the abive quoted is the total service provided by other airlines…

the data AS use is based on some 200X traffic data, which at the time there’s not as much demand in china compare to now, if you look back 5 years, it’s really surprising how fast china’s flight demand grows IRL

Don’t forget that sometimes even more than 60% of the passengers are connecting. This may be especially a factor in Japan If you fly just PVG-NRT it fills 3 airplanes. If you add 5 connections on both sides it can fill 10.

My airline is the largest airline in PVG… just wonder I could not fill a flight in many international destinations…

i was forced to closed down SIN, KUL, CNX and more routes.

Huh, that seems a bit low. Well the demand is being periodicaly revised so it should be fixed sooner or later :)

Perhaps it depends strongly on the number of connections you have, I have 6 daily flights on NRT - PVG on Croydon, that are basically full both ways, about 80-90% of the pax go to/from external feeder. And another 10 dailys on HND-PVG, same percentage of transfer.

Why we use 200X data? It is 2012 now, is there any plan to upgrade the data?

I really think the current loading level for China is too low!

Hey AS Staff,

PLZ travel to China and have a look, and you will notice how big market it is now!

they’re working on it, it’s not easy to create a new traffic data since there is so many airports in the world

and they don’t have a massive team who can have 100 people working on one thing at a time

I remember somewhere in Wiki said the demand in airlinesim is country based, my understanding would be the PAX is only counted between China and Japan, and divide the total PAX to each airport in that country. For example, if China and Japan both have only two cities share same demand level, the 4 route will share same 1/4 amount of total PAX between China and Japan. So even two small airport in China and Japan may have some PAX.

In your case, then it will become odd, as both PVG and NRT is large airport, the PAX should be many. So maybe my understanding about this country limitation is wrong.

I wish airlinesim team can update to a more recent figure of passenger volume in the future

because China pax volume is seriously underestimated now

How much time did you spend in this forum ? …

All game world will be updated to Meigs level on May 2nd,

it is said that there will be adjustment of the traffic flow

I wonder if the international passenger volume in China will also be adjusted

China traffic in all means are underestimated right now

i will hope the admin could answer my question