the "Aircraft type evaluation" tool should incorporate airport noise restrictions.


Apologies in advance for the rant,

So just now I bought a used IL-86 for my airline based in Germany. Imagine my surprise when I found out that all of Germany’s airports feature a noise level of III and IV, therefore rendering my IL-86 (a Class II aircraft) completely unusable from my Frankfurt hub or any German airport for that matter.

Sigh… I get it, I should have looked up the noise level of the IL to make sure it was within the limits of FRA’s noise level restrictions, that one’s on me.

But what I’m slightly peeved by was the fact that I ran the IL-86 through the “Aircraft type evaluation” tool using routes out of FRA and it came out clean, there was no indication that the aircraft could not fly out of Frankfurt. planes which don’t meet the airport noise requirements should get the “This type cannot operate on the selected relation.” message that other aircraft do.

I’ve never looked at noise levels when purchasing aircraft and I assumed that Frankfurt, an airport which can handle 747’s, could handle an IL-86. It sucks to get hung up by a technicality that could have been addressed in a much easier way with the “Aircraft type evaluation” tool.

anyway, just my 2 cents.

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Etiher way - dont get il-86s and start in Germany, youll be eaten alive by the competition flying A320neos.