The Benefits of Premium

Hi, I am very new to the game but managed to get some basic flights going etc. and I know that if I want to continue the game past the trial period I will need to buy credits, but I have struggled to find a list and brief explanation of all the things that will become available upon auto-upgrading to a premium account.

Thank you.

Once your trial period has ended you can't do anything anymore. After you bought credits you become a "premium" user. There are no normal users.

The following features are not available during the trial period and are only unlocked if you buy credits:

  • Multiple Holdings
  • Multiple Airlines in one Holding
  • Offering Contracts (for leasing out aircraft or Interlining)
  • Selling aircraft
  • Bidding on non-official aircraft offers
  • Player-Owned Buildings
  • Personnell Dismissal
  • Stock Exchange funtions (IPOs and share trading)
  • Use of the Online Reservation System
  • Integrated flight operations control

There are no normal users.

Gee, that's a bit harsh!  :o

Benostew I have helped you with the airline problem you're doing fine