The big thread of opportunities!

Sorry, I just had another look - I probably meant Tempelhof instead.
ICN still has a lot of room and especially GMP would provide an excellent opportunity as well.

Taiwan and Philippines free on Idlewild

Mexico is pretty empty on Gatow.

Europe on Aspern has lots of space

Any opportunities on newer game worlds? :upside_down_face:

On Hoover, I’d recommend South Korea or Israel (both without home carrier!) - also Saudi Arabia or Egypt still look like good opportunities. And if you’re happy to enter a big market, it seems like a good time to go for China on Hoover - lots of large airports still have enough slots to offer. Definitely a good opportunity!

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Largest Airline in Europe just liquidated on Tempelhof…Enjoy

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Egypt completely open on Stapleton, come and join the fun.

New opportunity: India on Nicosia is open - no competitors and a huge market!

Adding China to the list.


Mexico on aspern is open

Turkey on Idlewild is still pretty open.
IST 42%
AYT 62%
ESB 69%
Only one domestic airline group.

Another opportunity, Saudi Arabia - JED 85% free on 13-slot airport and no domestic airline.

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China in Devau will be open soon, as I am shutting down the biggest airline in the server


India is open again. The biggest airline left the server. Completly free now.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Venezuela in STAPLETON is open again :slight_smile:

Malaysia on Gatow is open again. The biggest Airline is gone. KUL 61% free slots

China is now wide open on Riem.
Having a monopoly in China was fun for a while, but the last couple of months/years it got quite boring.

Taiwan has no airline in Nicosia

Turkey is open on Stapleton, a few start ups in the last 2 days

Vietnam is open on Nicosia