The big thread of opportunities!

Adding China to the list.


Mexico on aspern is open

Turkey on Idlewild is still pretty open.
IST 42%
AYT 62%
ESB 69%
Only one domestic airline group.

Another opportunity, Saudi Arabia - JED 85% free on 13-slot airport and no domestic airline.

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China in Devau will be open soon, as I am shutting down the biggest airline in the server


India is open again. The biggest airline left the server. Completly free now.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Venezuela in STAPLETON is open again :slight_smile:

Malaysia on Gatow is open again. The biggest Airline is gone. KUL 61% free slots

China is now wide open on Riem.
Having a monopoly in China was fun for a while, but the last couple of months/years it got quite boring.

Taiwan has no airline in Nicosia

Turkey is open on Stapleton, a few start ups in the last 2 days

Vietnam is open on Nicosia

Australia and New Zealand are open on Aspern

Hello friends!

I just deleted my US based airline on Croydon; I’ve been spending all my time on the new temporary servers. This move frees up over 40,000 slots across the US on Croydon.

Airports that will soon have at least 1,000 free slots are:
Chicago O’Hare (ORD)
Las Vegas McCarran (LAS)
New York John F. Kennedy (JFK)
New York LaGuardia (LGA)
New York Newark (EWR)
Baltimore (BWI)
Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
…and a few more around that amount.

There will soon be hundreds of A320 and 737 Classic and NextGen aircraft available on the used market, not to mention multiple widebodies like the A330, 757, and 767.

I hope you all enjoy! My PM’s are open if anybody needs advice.


On Nicosia, the three airports in Moscow DME, SVO and VKO all have lots of slots and almost no airservice

Hi, is anyone tired of playing AS and thinks about giving up his airline? I have been playing AS since 10 years and stopped playing last year. Now I want to have an airline again but don’t want to start from scratch. So if you’re thinking about stopping to play and want me to take over pls let me know here.

Peru is now empty on Croydon.

South Korea is now empty on Croydon.

Turkey is empty on Tempelhof

India on Xiguan is virtually empty, only one moderately sized airline that is already inactive for 3 months now and few very small ones are left.
AGEX is also very high atm

Vietnam empty on Tempelhof