The missing state in US - Delaware

I just noticed that the state of Delaware does not exist in the game?! So as the airports within the state.

I understand that it's a small state, but at least there is an airport called New Castle Airport (ILG) exists. So it's rather funny to leave a state out of the game.

Some supporting text

This has come up before, the reason given was the lack of scheduled passenger services. According to the Wikipedia article you linked, it only started seeing scheduled services at the start of this month. Still, now that it has service, send an email to the support address, and there’s a chance it’ll be added in the next airports update.

Even outlying minor islands airports without scheduled flight like midway were added, but not a state in the union? Guess it was brought down when the game has fewer airports. Anyway I had mailed. Hopefully that will make the statesmen happier