The right formula

I have tried many tactics some of them are:

1.Favorite hub

2.On-board service

3.A/C Types

4.Price wars


6.Cabin Configurations

Unfortunately, it seems there are no right mixing. Feel free to share your ides

Hello IL partner!

I just checked your Airline, first thing I can suggest, pick your planes carefully.

Short haul BomberdeIer Dash8-Q400a may vary depending on route and how aircraft performance shows up

Medium haul e.g. Sydney to brisbane boing 737-900 HGW or variant

Long haul - not to sure as I"m yet to establish a successful long haul route but it appears to be B777

I tend to go for best service possible with highest seat rating possible with mixed class economy business and first - this is working for me, but try and keep a similar ratio between these to allow IL passangers in the higher classes to flow.

I also initially started as a long haul operator and ILed with domestic based carriers. This seemed to work well filling my planes. But I would expect flying mainly domestic and ILing with long haul based companies would be equally effective.

Ensure your flights match up with each other - try and bring them in and out in waves, and try really hard to have a similar schedule with your IL partners - this improves the client flow.

Finally ensure you cut any routes that aren’t making a profit ASAP - you can try them again another time when you have more connections.

Hope it all works out well.

My tips(for a beginner)

start with only dash 8 400q in the beginning and interline with other airlines(very importent). Your biggest problem will be that you have very large competitors. To help you get started i’d sent an interline question