Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

I am currently trying to tackle the daunting task of taking every single statistics report there is in AirlineSim and trying to squeeze the best possible performance out of each of them.

Basically I go though all of them and try to identifiy standard criteria that hint at certain optimization tricks that could work. But I’d still like to have your subjective opinion on which reports are the worst in terms of performance or where they are placed in a critical location that implies the need for fast performance (like statistics on the office pages).

So: Which reports suck the most in terms of speed? Please let me know!

For me it’s by far and away the list of offices page. It’s a problem also because sometimes I’m just trying to access the office itself to check route loads. Would there be a way to maybe just look at routes at a particular office without having to run the statistics/queries for the office page?

That would essentially be the last resort if we cannot figure out a way to fix the performance issue itself.

i don’t know why we need the “airports: connections” statistic

it’s useless

this only by the way :rolleyes:

Well on the Office page all the statistics gathered are extremely helpful. Would one way to cut down on the initial query would be to not show all the offices at once? Maybe instead offer several drop down menus allowing you to select "Country" then populate another box that says "state/region" then maybe if really looking into detail offer one that populates "airports larger than or smaller than X bars". Upon filling this out the user could hit go or whatever and it queries the server. That should drastically cut down on the amount of data being pulled when opening the office page.

Another thought I had is if you were to remove the handling aspect out of the office page all-together and throw it onto a separate table on another page. As seeing if I’m using terminals at an airport is a completely different task that really shouldn’t require pulling up all the other information that’s on the office page.

On Tempelhof (airline has 117 planes and 164 offices).

4 seconds: opening the office page (that was much faster than usual, so I tried it again a few minutes later. It then took 40 seconds)

53 seconds: opening the facts and figures page of my airline

70 seconds: opening the statistics page of Berlin TXL airport

On Stapleton (airline has 58 planes and 82 offices)

45 seconds: opening the facts and figures page of my airline

120 seconds: opening the office page

230 seconds: opening the statistics page of Berlin TXL airport


On Nicosia: the office list…

  1. Airport/Statistics takes always A LOT of time to load (no matter which airport), sometimes I’m under the impression I could kill the server by opening 10 tabs and try to open 10 airport statistics. Most often I just want to look at the market shares, which doesn’t take that much time. The transport figures which take so much time/efford to load are of almost no interest to me, maybe you can change it that way that when you click on statistics you have to select which statistic you want. That extra click could save much of my time and maybe server load too if transport figures weren’t shown automatically.

  2. Offices: This page takes way too long to load.

  3. Route Management/Market shares: Just sometimes and on crowded routes this page takes quite a long time to load (but it’s nothing compared to 1.)

For me the one that sucks most and could be highly optimized is the offices page.

How could that be optimized? Well, all the statistics info there is based on the three previous weeks, not the current week. So the info changes only once per week, yet the numbers seem to be calculated each and every time the page loads. You could instead persist the statistics on a per week and office base, so you would only have to do the calculations if the statistics for that particular office and week have never been called before.

Bonjour :)

for me:

1- Statistics airport in my hub its the longest to load and what is bad , i want to see market share, so i wait 2 min for transport figure to load than i can clic on Market share and now i can go make a coffee. I notice someting that maybe can help, its always the small graph that load last (the pie that show our % of market), it take forever to load sometime it doesnt dowload at all.

2- Offices pages like other, for me i will remove the load % for each airport if it can help, its usefull but we can easily see it with our route management.

3- Fact and figure, its long to but i check it only once a week so no big deal.

4- Sometimes its everiting take very long, even login on the server, but i tink its particular to nicosia :blink:

If i may ask one question: How much traffic do tools like the one the the 3N-Alliance uses create? Maybe these slow down the servers?