Tickets not selling on popular routes

I was wondering why there are so few long haul flights to asia from mumbai even though the passenger demand is high.

I had started routes from mumbai to singapore, beijing, shanghai and tokyo haneda it has been 2 days and barely 5% of the flights has been booked. Why does a flight to a popular destination along with a "green" or better rating and default prices not being booked full?

along with many other flights to popular domestic destinations Mumbai- Chennai/ Hyderabad with the details as above not being booked at at least 70%

and just to clarify is depreciation of flight equipment not an expenditure but just the deacrease in value of an aircraft

please explain


I’m not sure how much help this might be, but try building a network of regional/short haul routes that work really well. Then add these extensions in. Despite having a really good rating, some routes don’t work. I started Manila and Taiwan a few days ago - going horribly bad despite interlining with the largest airlines at those hubs, and having a strong regional presence. Also - what aircraft are you using? I’m based at DXB and use 739HGW for all my long/medium routes such as LHR, SIN etc. They give they lowest seat cost, and have few enough seats to fill up.

My only depreciation on flight equipment has been when I change the cabin configuration. Its a bit like how putting in seats isnt an expense because you’re buying the assets. I’m not sure how the reduction in the value of the aircraft is recorded, perhaps because most of my fleet is less than 6 months old.


flight equipment depreciation means you loose money on an investment you have done in the past. When you buy a plane, your airline does not become "poorer". The value of the plane is added to your balance because you can sell the plane again in the future. So in your financial accounts, the money is moved from "bank account" to "investment in flight equipment". But as the plane gets older, its value decreases. So every week it is worth a little less. That money is mentioned under depreciation of flight equipment. You don’t pay equipment depreciation, but your airline is worth less money because you would get less money back if you sell the plane.

The same goes for your cabin configuration. When you buy the seats, you pay for them. Buying seats is considered as an investment, so the value of these seats is added to your investments (see your balance under 700: flight equipment). When you replace the seats, or end the leasing contract of a plane, you loose the investment (you cannot re-use the seats or sell them). So the value of the seats is removed from your balance.