Time to say Goodbye

Hey everyone, 

The time has finally come for me to say Goodbye! For the last four years I have enjoyed every moment of this great game but my need to focus my time on other things has meant sadly I have been fairly inactive. I realised my inactivity when I got kicked out of teams for exactly that reason. In other words I am simply not enjoying AS anymore. 

All I can say is that it has been a great time. I have tried to bring more happiness and joy to this community by many times moving out of the “boring business attitude” to a joyful warm and cuddly style. I have learned a lot from this game and from the community. I have loved writing every post in my airline news topics containing everything from environmental campaigns to cheesy movie reviews. Everyone here has been great. Even Ufsatp’s hate for me has greatly amused me at times. I would especially want to thank George, Leo, Jens, Ian, Ron, Lucian, Sven, James, Arne, Norman, Pedro, Joao, THX and Airlineista (forgot your names sorry) for bringing me joy and some of you for helping me out with this game. I am very sorry if I forgot anyone. Also thank you to everyone who trusted me for UAB.

I would also like to thank Martin for creating and still running this fantastic game. @martin Please give the game more attention and respect your team more. Atleast let them play for free, more as a gesture for what they are putting in than anything else. It's very hard representing something when you are a customer. The team are the crutches still keeping this game upright. 

My operations on Stapleton will slowly go away with American and Tianjin Sky probably being returned to their owners and IndoSky probably fading away, though I am not at that stage of letting go yet. 

If anyone want to keep in touch add Christianpals on Snap or email me at palsson.christian@gmail.com. 

Thank you and love you all <3,


P.S Let's end it off with the sad song that the title is named after


Though we’ve never spoke, I’ve always seen you on the forums helping out with everything!

Best of luck with wherever you go next.

May you have a very happy sailing in journey called life. All the best!

All the best, Christian.

Kind of sad that people are leaving over the time. Wish you all the best Christian. 

Thanks for all the advice you have given me and others! 

Take care 

Thanks for your words Christian. I subscribed less than 10 days ago but you let me understand how amazing my time in this community will be.

I wish you all the best and hope your time in other things will be full of satisfactions as it was here.


Sorry to see you go Christian. Although we’ve not always agreed and had a differing of tactic and opinion it’s always been great to have a spirited, and educated discussion with you. Even now I always learn from your posts and it’s a real shame for the AS community that you will no longer be part of it. Hope to see you back

Only best wishes for you inyour future endeavours. If you decide to return, know that you will be welcomed.

All the best Christian. You have always contributed greatly to the community with a good sense of humour. It’s a loss to see you go. I’m sure you’ll be back one day.

I’m interested in Tianjin Sky :stuck_out_tongue:

All the best to you! Always enjoyed your contributions very much. Many times you made my day with your special postings. Good bye!

It's sad to see you go :( I really loved your threads and your advice on these forums were very helpful. Good luck!

Thanks all for tour kind words.

I have been privately asked "What specifically are my issues with the game?" by a couple different players and friends. I think it is suiting to tell you all. 

The main issue is that there are no updates, nothing new happening and a very bland interest in the game from the point of view of the developers. Personally I want challenge and I feel like I know this game too much to challenge me and there is never anything changing to add challenges. Being part of the Testing Team meant that I got to see and play around with all the latest stuff but the problem was that there was nothing new to play around with. Considering that AS is a subscription service I as a consumer wanted new things.

What further moved me away was that there has not been a new permanent game world in over 3 years. The only game worlds coming are temporary and lately they have taken the game a great step backwards. Having to pay more for a world without the stock market saddened me and the fact that the only way to get the latest features meant paying more for less and having all your work deleted regardless if you want it or not. Regarding the stock market I understand that it takes more time to manage but that is why there is such a great team of UAB and team. As there is no other way to transfer airlines or get investment I belive that it is a crucial feature to the game. Simply, without it a big part of the fun and collaboration is lost. Would it not have been a subscription service I wouldn't have complained about the neglect but because it is I have no other choice. In a way it is like paying for Netflix but not getting any new content. The content you have is great but ultimately you will have seen it all.

@banff Thanks a lot. You will have to talk to Ron ones I return it to him, it isn't my decision. 


... Being part of the Testing Team meant that I got to see and play around with all the latest stuff but the problem was that there was nothing new to play around with. ..

Well, you could have contributed more instead of just being chatty about on the forums.

Just my two cents.

Good bye.

What further moved me away was that there has not been a new permanent game world in over 3 years. 

huh? Hoover started less than 1 year ago

All the best my friend!!!

Loved to play with you on Stapleton! Great times!



Well, you could have contributed more instead of just being chatty about on the forums.

Just my two cents.

Good bye.

I truly love this game and do not regret the 4 years spent playing it, I by far love Airlinesim more than any other game I have ever played. I belive the developer has done a fantastic job making this game. I was asked a question and I honestly answers with my opinion. Through my answer nothing negative is expressed about the game but rather negativity of the neglect of the game. I belive the volunteer team are fantastic people and do the absolutely best they could with managing and improving things. With that said I do not belive it to be fully reasonable to have a for profit company run mostly by paying volunteers with little interest of the actual profiter. I agree that I have been inactive from team duties during this year (as I said in my original post). But you can neither deny the fact that no new feature has been added to the testing version of the game for over a year.

Cheers Joao, yeah those where great times. Sorry for forgetting to mention you (changed now :)).

I know I have said I will leave for ages now, but with the new forum, the time has really come to move on. Although the forum update generally seems good I neither have the time or patience to learn it so it’s just better to wrap up my time here. As I said whoever wants to we can always stay in touch and whenever one of you finds your way to southern Sweden or Denmark, dont be afraid to reach out.

Love you all, bye bye! <3

Although a new member, I’ve read and learned a lot from your posts.
Therefore, I would like to thank you for your support for this community.
All the best!

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Sorry that you felt it as hate, it was never intended as such. Good luck wherever life takes you.