To the Team

Just wanted to make a point of commending the AS team to their approach to this unfortunate and unforeseeable event. You are true professionals in every word of the sense. Your quick reaction time, public announcement, course of action and resolution are all commendable. Like many others I will be sticking around and ultimately look forward to starting up again in the Meigs Game world. Your continous efforts in all facets of AS and game worlds are grealty appreaciated and I feel that it something that is not voiced enough.

Many Thanks!!

Absolutely second that!

Totally agree, thank you to the AS Team.

Well done AS team.

I come for the game, I stay for the great service!

Will also give a well done to the AS team :)

Gutted I lost my Meigs airline, but at least I can give it a new go :)

Information/updates throughout this event has been first class and long may it continue

Meigs is back, and so am I!

Salute to AS team for their professionalism and great service!