I just wanted to get some opinions and advice on what aircraft to choose for Trans-Atlantic flights. At this stage I am looking at going from London to either JFK or ORD.

After doing some research I have found that almost all airlines are using some version of the 737-900ER HGW. When I checked it against the flight performance tool the best you can get is between 88-90% of full capacity. I know that this will be affected by the configuration too. I however, think the 767-300ER might be a better way to go as I have very solid network in Europe and am looking to bridge the gap to America. So I feel that the 767 would be worth while. Also it would fit my service standards better with a three class configuration. Downside is that it would add another maintenance catergory bringing it a total to four. So any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks on Advance


A quick (superficial) Aircraft Evaluation tells me that, between the 739ER HGW, the 763ER, 764ER, 772 and 773, the 737-900ER HGW will give you the best margin.

If you’re looking at greater capacity, though, you may want to consider the 764. It can take almost twice as many passengers, and comes second in the entire margin listing. As a result, this would give you more absolute income than the 739 would, though of course for the money invested in 1 764 you could also get (more or less) 2 739s to level this difference out. Then it just becomes a matter of frequency vs capacity.

I’d say it all depends on which world you’re on.

For established world, with LHR and JFK being very slot restricted

764 or 773 would be better choice, since you would not be able to

fit few 73J into this route.

For new gameworld, Stapleton, 73J is definitely better. You can get

twice as much planes, fit them as you wish and later, when both

airport became slot-restricted, upgrade them for something bigger.

Assuming your changing the class layout the overall load capacity becomes fairly irrelevant, if you’d put 3 classes on a 763 find out how many of the max 215seats of the 739 you’d be using and if that percentage is more or less than the max 85% load :wink: