Transatlatic Flights

I’m not sure If this Is the right fora, but I’ll try.

I’m just using Airlinesim experimentally for the moment, but I wanted one thing. To have a transatlantic flight between for example London - New York. Twice Daily. With the 737-900 MAX (type doesen’t matter In this question anyeway, so just an example).

I want the two flights to start at the same time from each end. I know that Isn’t possible, cause there are a lot of slot’s thats full, but as close to each other as possible anyways. I want a flight going from each direction morning (06-11 am ish),and one to go later (16-22 ish). So passengers can choose. I want to have an option for passengers to depart late from one side, and arrive early at the other. And vica verca. You know what I mean hopefully…! Sorry my bad English…

I’ve tried a lot of things, but never seems to make this work. Anybody out there know what to do?

Perhaps I don’t understand your problem but perhaps it can help to set time settings to UTC,then you have the same time setting on both ends.

If the slots exist, get two planes. One for the moring flight and one for the evening flight. Done.

Ik know that, but I’ve tried to schelude them for that. But with no work. Still both planes goes back at return with just 2 hrs between them…

Can you maybe post a screenshot of the page you are having an issue with?

What are you talking about? When i operated a pure long haul airline out of London. My planes flew one long haul east coast route per day. And afterwards either waited on the ground in the U.S. to return for the same wave they departed or if there was time they returned immediately to catch an earlier wave and fly a shorter route on that wave (usually turkey). I employed a 4 wave system and usually had atleast two planes on each route (flying twice a day). Due to the fairly low aircraft utilisation I preffered older cheaper planes.