transfer flight


I leased a CRJ900 currently in Bucharest. And it seems like it will stay there… I can not book a transfer flight for it, so no way to have it flown to my base. When I select destination and press book transfer flight button a red warning comes up and says a transfer flight has been assigned…

Any ideas as how to get the aircraft to my base?


Go to flights, probably you already booked transfer flight. If the plane isn’t in the air yet you can delete the old one or wait until the flight has arrived and then book in a new one.

I have done so. I have NOT booked a transferflight as I can not do so!!! Plane is stuck in Bucharest…

Then send an e-mail to

And please give us more information like Server, Airline and the aircraft having this problem.

Thanks a lot. I will do so right away.

Thanks for the assistance