Transfer Question

To put it plain and simple: I have a 4 stripes airport as a hub. 45 min connection time and a fleet of several An140s.

I ask for help regarding the methods you use to provide strong connections. I am currently obsessed with my schedule, and I feel I can’t let go of this problem.

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The simpliest way is to set all arriving flights 46 minutes before your first departure flight. For example, if you plan your first flight to leave hub at 9:00, then your connecting inbound flight must land before 8:14.

Yes, but that means to operate two flights with an aircraft. What about the other flights?

question for you

Did you ever travel with airplane?

in RL - when you arrive on new airport you need least 1 hour for connection (if you familiar with airport building and how this airport works)

If you new, and looking where you must to go, you need 2 hours

When i first time come in Stuttgart airport (connection flight) - i was lost, 15 min i was looking only for check-in office, then security check (it was slow, i lost here 15 min least) - and then i was looking for gate - another 20 min

when i come back i made to do transfer in less then 15 min - because i was know where i must to go - only must walk to gate

Two flights with the same aircraft is not influenced by this. The passenger/freight remain in the aircraft and don’t deboard and board again. The minimum connection time is only valid for transfering passenger from one flight/aircraft to another flight on another aircraft. So if you i.e. plan your flights to arrive until 7:00 and depart after 7:50, you can be sure that transfer will be possible between all these flights. (there is a maximum time of several hours too).