Transfering Aircraft

Hi Everyone,

I am hoping that someone can help me with a puzzle.

If I have a holding company in the USA and two subsidiaries one in Australia and one in France, can the Holding company purchase an aircraft and transfer it to the subsidiary?

Yes you can do that in Asset management > aircraft transfer, as long as your subsidiaries are not listed in the stock exchange.

Yes it’s now possible - the aircraft transfer function is in the Finance menu (marked with $) , under ‘Asset Management’. Then click on the ‘Aircraft Transfer’ tab, select the receiving subsidiary in the drop-down and then you’ll see the various options for transfer: Asset transfer without compensation, Sale, Sale and lease-back, Leasing.

Hope this helps.

Betty_jet, I can’t reply your message so I post my reply here.

I am not too sure about the details and the problem you encounter. In my knowledge, prior to the new market system, you must have at least 50 million AS$ equity in order to lease out a plane. I am guessing that rule still applies.

In addition, Can you transfer a plane owned by subsidiary A which is on the stock exchange to subsidiary B which is not on the stock exchange?