Two quick questions!

Guys, help me out with two things:

What do you think I can do better in my airline? It’s name is aulenbacher airlines in ellinikon ? It grew somewhat fast before the older companies realized I was threat and started responding.

Any advice is useful as I am barely breaking even the last few weeks.

Second question how do I start a subsidiary?

Thank you!


I would suggest you start by looking in the ORS data between city pairs and seeing how you rank up against your competition.  If their ratings are higher than yours then you are losing market share to them. 

How to raise your ORS rating?

1.  Newer/better Aircraft

2.  Better seating

3.  More extensive in-flight service

4.  Lower prices

5.  More connecting passengers (while not changing ORS can fill seats and pay you money) from non-competitive routes (or just drop losing routes and add winning)


            This is a big one...and one you've made a mistake on.  You want to add as many flights as possible to your HUB airport to build connecting flights/passengers.  In airlinesim it is your bread and butter.  Focus on ONE airport until you can no longer grow it.  (ALL slots taken or you've used up all demand from it from every airport both domestic and foreign)  Once you've outgrown your initial airport build up capital before moving to another focus/hub airport.  Rinse and repeat....Do not move into the 2nd airport until you can move with enough capital to build a network (as by then you'll usually be competing with someone else already in that market.)

Ultimately no matter what you do you are looking at a lower profit margin business.  Welcome to an airlinesim price war.  Ultimately the winner will be the company that best manages all these things and builds the biggest network and if given enough dominance will drive everyone else out of the market.  And yes...even country and out of Airlinesim. 

Airlinesim is truly a cutthroat simulation.


Thank you very much! I will keep axing bad routes and maxing out all the flights out of mex. Hopefully I have more stamina than the others!

From what I've seen you are probably already behind the 8 ball in Mexico City.  You should potentially look to a smaller less competitive market and be the #1 airline regionally.  Once a company reaches 30-40% of a market it gets VERY difficult to compete with their connection footprint.  You want to be THAT airline that controls 50%+ of a market....even if it is just a size 6 demand airport.  Generally speaking it is much better to be the #1 airline in a smaller airport than to be the #3 or #4 airline in a big market.

Also make sure, that your passengers get as many possible connections to other airports. For that, you have to try to optimize the arrivals and departures. It's not simple, but it will have an impact on the loads of your flights.