Two week scheduling

Yet another suggestion from me :wink:

It would be good if could schedule planes on a two week cycle rather than the current one week cycle.

Why ?

There are seven days in a week. Since we have to schedule on a seven day cycle, we cannot schedule flights for every other day (as seven is an odd number). This results in inefficient use of aircraft, this is especially evident in long haul flights where you can do only one direction each day. If scheduling could be done in a two week cycle, this would not be an issue as 14 days is a even number. You could schedule a flight for every other day.

Another option is to create a 7 day schedule and then use 7 Aircrafts to fly the schedule every day.....

But if you don’t have 7 aircraft…yet.

do it one by one .... I do this at the moment on Aspern .... Problem is if slots are getting tight then its sometimes difficult .... but for LR flights its working for me pretty good 

But if you don't have 7 aircraft....yet.

Doesn't matter... just start it

maybe do every other day

7 aircraft = 7 day schedule = 7 destinations (or more)