Unrestricted market

Hi I just took sometime to read about the traffic rights while the server is down, and I have some questions about the traffic rights:

Let’s say:

A - my home country

B - another country without traffic right

C - another country has unrestricted traffic right

  1. In this case, is it possible for me to create a route for B <-> C and can pickup passenger in both B and C?

  2. Or the unrestrictied right only refers to that I can do domestic routes in C and A <-> C only? (But not involving B)


It depends a lot, but most probably your second answer is right.

  • From your home country you have traffic rights 3 and 4, so to transport passengers on a direct way.

  • From country B you have traffic rights for cargo, but not passengers.

  • If you say you have all traffic rights in country C, this does tell me that there is a common aviation area between the countries A and C. Since B is not part of it, you cannot enjoy the priviledge of the CAA between A and C. Therefore you cannot transport passengers between B and C, because your airline is domiciled in A and therefore considered as a foreign airline in C as well as in B. It is usual that foreign airlines do not enjoy passenger transportation rights, except if there’s a common aviation area.

Let’s do a more plastic example:

  • As a French Airline you can fly Paris-London-Dublin and will transport passengers on London-Dublin due to the common aviation area granted by the EU. However, on the route Paris-Prague-Moscow you will not transport passengers on Prague-Moscow, because Moscow is out of the european common aviation area and therefore not granting the 7th freedom to you (this freedom would be necessary for passenger transportation on this part of the route).

Well, what I wonder now: By doing such a flight A-B-C-B-A, I understand that I will not have passengers from B flying to C and back. However, will I have passenger from A not leaving in B but flying to C and back to A? In real life this works because, in this case, the stop in B is nothing but a technical/fuel stop which is granted to all airlines almost worldwide. But how is it in AS?

Sadly, you can´t make stopovers just for some Jet A (i.e. fuel) in AS.

I think the best way to stimulate refueling would be choosing a quiet city as the refueling stop (like those two bars cities). This would ensure that most of the passengers on flight are heading to C but not B.

Most annoyingly, you can´t regulate this by your pricing. I once had the idea, to make a extremely high price for the first leg (where i have full rights), and lower the price for the second leg. If i would be stationed in CDG this could be CDG-WAW-DME. Having a 150% price for the CDG-WAW leg and a 50% price for the WAW-DME leg does not help, since the first leg gets really painful disadvantages in the ORS-rating due to the high price.