unsigned contracts

I tried to buy a used airplane today, but apparently the contract was unsigned by the seller…

The airplane doesn’t show up in my fleet list but the money has been taken out. Can I get a refund/back out if the seller doesn’t get around to signing in a timely manner? How does this work?

Contact the seller to sign or decline the contract. If you don’t receive an answer within some days contact the support.


if a seller does not presign a contract, it means he does not want to sell to everybody (read: competitors), because he agreed to sell the plane to another player, because he intends to buy the plane himself (holding/subsidiary) or because he simply forgot to check the "presign contract" box.

The same goes for planes that are put up for lease. Some players buy a plane with their holding and then lease it to their own subsidiary, or they refuse to lease a plane to a competitor.

I would never buy or lease a plane if the contract is not pre-signed buy the seller/lessor.


How do I decline the contract? I don’t see anything to press when viewing the contract

You made the offer, the other can accept or decline it!