US - Cuba flight

In reality there are limited flights from US to Cuba. So when will the ban between US and Cuba be lifted in game?

I don’t expect too much passengers right now but it does reflect the warming of US and Cuban relationship

That’s simple to answer - when there will be unrestricted flights between these two countries.

see here.

in real world, china - taiwan flights are strictly restricted, only charters are allowed lately

but it is not restricted in airlinesim

actually, a lot of improvement of has been made lately, since last year China and Taiwan can have 558 cross strait flights weekly, and in mid July they’ll be discussing on allowing unlimited flights on none first-tier cities.

But yeah I do understand the argument’s point, problem with limited flight is deciding who should get more flights…

and why do Taiwan and China has unrestricted access is also a good question, maybe to make Taiwan base carriers have an easier start?