I have an USA company… (Fornebu - Air NY)

I know that there is a market restriccion to fly between US and Cuba.

But… what about open a route US - Mex (for instance) via havanana? Ex… MIA - CUN via HAV? or… MIA - NAS via HAV…

I´m able to open round fligths? Like: MIA - HAV - NAS - MIA or MIA - NAS - HAV - MIA.

How should i do to fly to Cuba?!?!?!

Even US-Mexico flights via HAV and all legs in and out HAV on round trips will not work. All legs would flight without any passengers.

There are now several companies flying to HAV in the real world…é_Martí_International_Airport#cite_note-24

How can i do to communicate with the game developers to ask them about this?

On the site you’ve provided it says:

[size="2"]"Note: [/size][size="2"]†[/size][size="2"] denotes flights to the United States which are operated as scheduled Special Authority Charters"

[/size]There is no open market at all between US and Cuba. Flights are accepted on a case-by-case basis by the US authorities. How do you want to implement Special Authority Charters into Airlinesim?

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