Used Aircraft Market - offers restock

Hello Everyone,

I have a tiny question in regards to how the offers on used aircraft market are generated.

On my server, there used to always be a steady supply of one aircraft category. Yesterday, someone bought all, only single digits are left.

My question is the following - is the server “generating” used aircrafts to maintain a certain level, or someone needs to resign the lease before they become available again?

The reason for asking is that I am not sure if I should wait a few days before the offers restock, or just buy more expensive offer and continue expansion.

Huge thanks !

Second option.
Used planes are either bought by a player and leased out or - if AS is the lessor - will be leased again by the time they are returned.

EDIT: You also can see if planes are still available and will appear on the market. Just check on the aircraft type page if there are some in “public”. If yes, they will appear soon (can’t remember if 1 or 2 per hour), if not then there are none at the moment.

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This is super useful answer, thank you @highscore2.

I made a check you describe and indeed there are more planes waiting to be put in the market. (Visible in public category).