Utilizing aircrafts

Hi everyone,

I have this question you may be able to help me with...

Take into consideration a brand new airline and lets suppose that we use the 10M AS$ to lease 5 Embraer 195's.

Suppose we're in Greece were all domestic flights are short-haul. How is it better to utilize these a/c's? Do you just assign them in 5 busy routes doing something like 35 flight per week each?

Or do you assign them to as many routes as you can visiting each destination once every week.

For e.g. I could have 1 a/c doing ATH-HER x 5 time per day = 35 flight per week


the same a/c could be doing ATH-HER-ATH, then ATH-SKG-ATH, then ATH-RHO-ATH, then ATH-CHQ-ATH and finally ATH-CFU-ATH all in one day. The next day I could have 5 more destinations etc for the rest of the week. That would mean that I could have up to 35 destinations using only 1 a/c!

Having 5 a/c's is like serving 175 destinations, but each destination is served once/week.

Which one is a better practice based on your experience?

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The best practice is the one that brings you most money (profit). If there is unmet domestic demand, you can run shuttle routes even 20 times daily to The same destination.