Via flights?

Sorry if this question might be common and might have been asked already (but I couldn’t find it :/)

If you fly an aircraft from country A to country C via Country B, i get it that you can’t let people from B go to C and vice versa, but why is it not possible to transport passengers from A to C?

You can. If country A is your home country.

look at this:

Thanks, well I was aware it was possible in the real world, but assumed it was not allowed in Airlinesim? So as per what you’re saying, I can transport pasengers from A to C via B?

Yes, you can! As i have seen from others experience it is better to use a small airport as transit in order to have all passengers for the last one. Other way it is possible that menu of your passenger to go from A to B and not from A to C.

OOOO that makes complete sense! thanks! gosh no wonder when i tried the via flights, no one was going from A to C, so i assumed AS doesnt allow it lol

sorry, my bad, it does work :)

But how about domestic Via Flights ?

I have a flight from A-B-C, with the idea that B (which is the small city) would get some service.

So now I have rights to transport people from A to B, A to C and also B to C.

However the only place where I can see that possibility, is the complete schedule where I can see a flight from A to C with the remark "via B".

Is that A-B-C flight priced the same as a A to C direct flight ? I cannot find a place to determine the price separately. I also do not see in route management the option to specify pricing etc for the A to B or B to C routes.

In real life I believe that this is a rather common scenario, to have a domestic via flight appear just as direct flight would (of course a bit slower :wink: Can this be done the same in AS ?