waiting for the new server

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and go five days of July and still nothing is known of the new server.

could tell us if new aircraft carry??

and also if there is a change set??

out something … please.[/size][/font]

You can be sure, you will read it here in the forums as well on twitter and facebook and the portal page, when the new server is ready and what might have changed until then ;)

See, and you didn’t even have to wait that long: http://community.airlinesim.aero/topic/216-ende-small-update-to-1572-kleines-update-auf-1572/page__gopid__1485#entry1485


After months of being away from this game, I can now start again next week on a new server.

Looking forward to it.


Can someone suggest a strategy for starting on a new server (outside Europe, China and US) as I have never played on new server and I imagine loading is quite different than in established gameworlds with lots of connecting passengers from big IL partners. Any tips?

Actually, it’s a bit easier at the beginning. You can tap from “fresh” demand with less competition around. Competition will only build up later on.

If you want a headstart, you might test some configurations and planes first, so you can immediately judge what to do, as soon as the server is up and running.

Really, there are so many niches to be filled at zero hour, just think of somethink you would really like to do. Cargo in Asia? Regioprops across Europe? Trunk carrier in Japan? Just go for it. At the beginning, the choice is absolutely yours!

I’ve always wanted a longer range low cost airliner i.e. AirAsiaX but I don’t know if it’s possible in this game as passengers probably won’t like the seat configs no matter what the price is. Also I know long range routes are not the most profitable so this is probably not the best idea in a new server right away.

For long-range routes, I found Eco or even Eco+ seats turn out to be quite important, I agree. You could still try to balance this point a bit by offering superior amenities (that contradicts the idea of a low-cost carrier a bit). Moreover, long-range routes benefit very much from strong hubs. So you’d either need a lot of interlining partners or find routes that can generate adequate demand from the beginning on. I’m not sure how many of them are out there, something like LHR - JFK might work out, though…

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I have a question

an example in USA, how long it takes to fill a Dash 8 Q400, a new server??

and another question.

cargo airlines, have a disadvantage of passengers for the same price of the ticket, they have less profit, it could work on it, so there would be more growth in the freight lines?

another question

There will be new methods of payment for the new server and upgrade?

Greetings from Colombia.[/size][/color][/size][/font][/color]

now i remember again why i want have nothing to do with americans

blöd wie leberwurst

As everywhere, that depends on the passenger stream and can absolutely not be answered this easily.

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Depending on how you start your airline, you do not have any disadvantage, as many planes carry more cargo than their pax versions. in addition to this, you have lower costs (no catering etc.) for cargo.

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whether the charge. has some advantages in terms of cost of the plane, but it is true that it is very limited line of aircraft … there is little cargo plane that is created for those dates.


Is there any time planned when the new server is going to be online at wednesday?

I’m so Excited, After a plenty time of FAIL experimentations, i can now apply it in the New Server.

Yeah ! My mom explained me: I have to go to bed four times, and then I can play on the new server :lol:


here my question. how will the new server be configurated???

Ground Network/ no network?

8 hours for connecting flights or 15?


Where can I read about that??


In the forum, on facebook, on our portal page and on twitter - when there will be information published.

So a pig in a poke, hu?! … Well, I’m excited anyways!!! I already know my new homebase! :P

if you have no idea from the game, also a new server will not help you much

or at least you will die when competititon grows up

You completely missed the point. Besides, it’ll still be easier to start with these not-so-successful strategies than it is applying them on long-time running servers. I have no doubt that Traitor will make it work and learn how to keep things running smoothly as the server matures/fills and competition grows stronger.